Happy Birthday to The Retreat!

We had an amazing first week with The Retreat on store shelves! I couldn’t be more pleased — and couldn’t be more grateful to those of you who have pre-ordered or bought a copy, put your photos of the book on social media, and generally made me feel like a very lucky writer indeed.

If you’re looking to read up on The Retreat and find out what all the fuss is about, you can read reviews in the Toronto Star, the Globe and Mail, and the Telegram — or check out these interviews in the Newfoundland Quarterly or at Resilient Writers. Or find out more about my process, what I like to read, and how I think about writing in these articles for CrimeReads, the Literary Review of Canada, and Macleans.

What’s next?

I’ll tell you the best ways you can help promote a writer or a book you love, whether that’s me or someone else: 
— Buy the book! A pre-order is nice, but any sale is a good sale, especially in the crucial first weeks when a book is trying to gain traction or momentum. 
— Tell yo’ friends! If you love a book, throw a photo up on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter or wave it about on TikTok, whatever platform you like to use. (I’m sure there are others but I am in my 40s, let me be.)
— Tell some strangers! A great way to help a book get better attention is to post a positive review on Amazon, Indigo, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads… you get the picture. In the case of the Big Online Retailers, the number of reviews actually affects how much or how little a book is “shown” or promoted, so your two cents makes a great deal of difference.

And of course, I know so many of you have already done these things for me, and all I can say is a very humble thank you. You have all made a huge difference in my life, and your support is what allows me to keep doing this job and living the life I really love. So, thank you, truly, with all my heart. 

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to The Retreat!

  1. We would love to do a podcast with you.
    Just finished a book review of The Retreat for LTDRadio.
    Our podcast is called Talking Books and Stuff and is available anywhere you get your podcasts.

    Youtube: ldrimmer

    We would do the interview over the phone for playback at a later date.
    Have interviewed Joy Fielding, Meg Tilly, Linwood Barclay to name a few.
    Please advise.


    • Hi Diane — I tried to email you at the address listed here, but it doesn’t seem to be working.
      I’m happy to pop into the podcast and talk about The Retreat — can you tell me about how long the interview will be? Late in the day or evening is best for me to record. Please forward an email I can use to contact you —




  2. Hi, I just started reading The Retreat tonight and I am really enjoying it. It is the first book of yours I have ever started reading. Surprisingly I found it at value village (That is not a knock on you, that is a knock on whoever decided to get rid of such a gem!) I’m going to buy this book for my sister for Christmas. I believe your writing style and story telling is second-to-none, I just finished reading Stephen King’s Later earlier this year and in my view your writing style is just as effective and engrossing. I read a bit of your biography and an article about you and I just want to say I find you to be an incredibly inspiring person! Take care!


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