Magic Eightball Questionnaire, CBC Books — in which I’m asked whether I think things are getting better… or worse.
Read the interview here.

Interview, The Province — feature interview and book profile by Peter Darbyshire.
Read the interview here.

Interview, John Gormley Live — NewsTalk Radio: Listen to this half-hour book club discussion with host John Gormley and a panel of readers!
Listen to the show here.

Interview, EverythingZoomer: Read this feature piece by Athena McKenzie on
Read the article here.

Interview, CTV’s CanadaAM: Watch this great interview with Marci Ien, the fabulous co-host of CTV’s flagship national morning show.
Watch the interview here.

Review, the New York Times: “De Mariaffi delivers the requisite heart-in-mouth moments of pure paranoia, but she balances these thrills with shrewd character studies and the odd nugget of wisdom. Like the words of a mother who explains why women are ravenous readers of true crime stories: It’s not to scare ourselves, ‘it’s so we learn how to get away.'”
Read the full review here.

Interview, The Province: “Elisabeth de Mariaffi’s breakout thriller is an elegy for real-life victims.” Province staffer Peter Darbyshire frames this interview like an expert — because he is one — and asks some really smart questions.
Read the full interview here.

Interview, Canadian Press: “Elisabeth de Mariaffi novel inspired by murder of her friend in grade school.” Reporter Victoria Ahearn and I had a long talk about how my own Toronto childhood influenced  The Devil You Know.
Read the full interview here.

Interview, The Next Chapter, CBC Radio: Listen to this great interview with Canada’s Grandmaster Flash of Books, the one and only Shelagh Rogers.

Review, Lesley Trites in The Los Angeles Review of Books: “… magnificent and daring… A gripping page-turner on one hand, The Devil You Know is also literary in its unwavering focus on the complex portrayal of the psychology of its main character, and in its illumination of broader issues around violence against women.”
Read the full review here.

Review, 49th Shelf:  “… de Mariaffi’s ability to keep the story moving and still build character makes this one something very special.”
Read the full review here.

Review, Book Page: “The Devil You Know is de Mariaffi’s first novel, but she masters the art of pacing and ratchets up the tension page by page throughout Evie’s journey. Fans of psychological thrillers like Gone Girl will root for Evie’s version of the truth right to the end.”
Read the whole review here.

Essay, National Post Books: “The Art of Influence: Elisabeth de Mariaffi on not reading Agatha Christie.” A reflection on the true missing-girls stories you’ll find in The Devil You Know that turned out a little more personal than I’d expected — and a little tougher to write, too.
Read the full essay here.

Review, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: “a terrific tangled page-turner… This novel grips you from its close-your-curtains prologue to its bite-your-nails climax.”
Read the full review here.

Review, the Toronto Star: “A skilled writer, de Mariaffi effectively evokes the lingering effects of trauma, the hyper-vigilance it spawns and the vulnerability that terror triggers.”
Read the full review here.

Interview, The St. John’s Telegram“Murder comes close to home.” Reporter Tara Bradbury and I talk about growing up in a Toronto that was so coloured by fear of the Scarborough Rapist, my own connection to a missing girl, and the unsolved Dana Bradley case.
Read the full interview here.

Review, James Grainger in Quill & Quire: “De Mariaffi incorporates details of Bernardo’s actual crimes with the fictional story of Lianne’s slaying and the failed efforts to bring her killer to justice, creating an unsettling echo chamber… The Devil You Know explores the tangled emotional and ideological roots of violence against women with subtlety and humour. More impressively, it does so while delivering the suspense and narrative pace of a good thriller.”
Read the full review here.

Review, Stacey May Fowles in the Globe and Mail: “It takes both skill and empathy to write absorbing fiction about dead girls that doesn’t dangerously veer into exploitation, and with The Devil You Know, Elisabeth de Mariaffi has beyond succeeded… The Devil You Know proves there can be enthralling literature about rape and murder that doesn’t exploit or disrespect real-life anguish.”
Read the full review here.

Review, Sarah Weinman in the National Post: “The chiseled prose that characterized de Mariaffi’s Giller-longlisted short story collection How To Get Along With Women is on full display [in The Devil You Know]… I read it, enthralled, unable to put the book down even as I knew how important it was to take breaks and marvel at de Mariaffi’s talent at creating a bona fide literary thriller.”
Read the full review here.

Interview, Atlantic Books Today: A quick chat between me and staff writer Mike Heffernan.
Read the interview here.

I hereby resolve…, Globe and Mail: Globe Books editor Mark Medley asked authors of 10 of the most anticipated books of the spring for their writerly resolutions. Here’s what I came up with. 

Interview, Nineteen Questions: Christopher Evans asks me some questions about writing and I give him some answers about flying for a living and my ambitions as a spy on this bi-monthly interview series blog, a project of the very fine UBC Creative Writing program.
Read the full interview here.

Advance (starred!) review, Kirkus: “Evie is a tough, wisecracking narrator worthy of the greatest private-eye pulp novels, but she isn’t hardened to the fear women live with… With so many thrillers cheaply exploiting violence against girls and women, de Mariaffi’s (How to Get Along With Women, 2012) treatment of the topic, through Evie’s vulnerable yet empowered voice, is refreshingly reverent.”
Read the full review here.

Advance review from Publisher’s Weekly: “Set in and around Toronto in 1993, Canadian author de Mariaffi’s artful first novel chronicles the efforts of journalist Evie Jones to track down the man who murdered a friend of hers, 11-year-old Lianne Gagnon, in 1982… Hooked readers will silently implore Evie to refrain from entering a basement or a cabin in the woods in pursuit of a story—and a killer.”
Read the full review here.

Interview in The OvercastApril 2014: “CanLit Fridays: Meet our April Issue Cover Girl, Elisabeth de Mariaffi”
Read the full interview here.

Deal news from Quill & QuireJune 2014: “Elisabeth de Mariaffi goes from Giller to Thriller”
Read more here.

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