Now it’s The Devil New York Knows

Thrilled to post a great review from this Sunday’s New York Times! Appearing alongside a small handful of new thrillers in Marilyn Stasio’s crime column. Stasio says this: “De Mariaffi delivers the requisite heart-in-mouth moments of pure paranoia, but she balances these thrills with shrewd character studies and the odd nugget of wisdom.”

I’m dying now. RIP Me.

Happy Friday everyone!

The Fabulous Reader’s Guide to Supporting a Book You Love (with props to Carrie Snyder)

Seems amazing, but today is already The Devil You Know‘s two-week anniversary. It’s been an overwhelming couple of weeks, but the loveliest kind of overwhelming. And by lovely, I mean actually full of love. Readers of all kinds have reached out with Twitter Love & Facebook Love, and reviewers have weighed in as well — with Book Blog love, and Weekend Book Section love, here in the National Post & here in the Globe.

That said, I remembered today that once upon a time, my good friend & author Carrie Anne Snyder posted the definitive Practical Guide to Supporting a Book. (Twice upon a time, in fact — once for her GG-nominated short story collection, The Juliet Stories, and once again for her Writer’s Trust nominated novel, Girl Runner.)

So, let’s say you also read The Devil You Know, and you liked it… hell, maybe you even have some love to share, too. Here — with props to Carrie Snyder — are the very best ways to share that love:

1. Review The Devil You Know online. Amazon, Indigo, Goodreads, Barnes & Noble, Kobo… these usual suspects are super heavyweight players. Positive reviews and ratings give a book WAY better visibility and allow it to move faster up the ranks.

2. Spread the word. Seems obvious, but the best thing you can do is tell your friends. Ask for The Devil You Know at your local bookstore. Throw the book up on your Pinterest, Instagram, or Tumblr. If you have a blog, write about it. A personal recommendation or request for a book is like gold.

3. Suggest The Devil You Know to your book club. I’m starting book club visits next month — so excited.

4. Follow me around. Like here on Twitter, or here on Facebook.

5. Buy the book… if you haven’t already. I hear it makes a great gift, too.

All this is true for any book you love, and any author will be thrilled to have your support. Want to see Carrie’s original post? <—- it’s right there. Without readers, what good is a book?

Thanks, Fabulous Reader. You’re a girl’s best friend ❤

“A brilliant debut novel”: Globe and Mail review of The Devil You Know

Front Panel_FA_Devil You KnowLast post for a Friday evening — what a whirlwind this day has been. Two great reviews and a short interview for you —  Stacey May Fowles starts off her new column in the Globe and Mail with this fantastic review of The Devil You Know. ICYMI earlier, here’s Sarah Weinman’s awesome National Post review. And a quickie interview I did with Mike Heffernan for Atlantic Books Today. Tomorrow, let’s all sleep in, okay?