Final countdown!

We’re days away from the official release date of January 13th, with a big weekend ahead. This week saw great reviews in This Magazine and Quill & Quire (I’ll post the links just as soon as they’re available), as well as this great shout-out over at the CBC, and a roundup of my writerly resolutions over at the Globe and Mail.

All of this is enough to make a girl terribly nervous, but hereabouts we had a Snow Day today, so I got to calm my nerves watching our six-year olds (both canine and human) have a solid play in the snowy backyard, a Very Large Stick between them. George and I took turns shovelling and I put my new winter boots to the test on a long trail walk with the dog.

Then I came in and checked my email. Heads up! Looks like national dailies The Globe and Mail and The National Post will both be running reviews in their Saturday editions.

Big breath out. Let’s do this.

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